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 Pinouts Problem to your gadgets? Thousands of pinouts here.

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PostSubject: Pinouts Problem to your gadgets? Thousands of pinouts here.   Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:24 am

Pinout source

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Quote :
Universal (generic) serial data / flash mobile phone cable schematic
Universal cell phone to PC serial cable schematic
+4 User port
14 pin Compaq Power Supply Connector
3.5 inch micro Floppy Disk Drive connector (26 pin)
3.5 mm or 6.25 mm Mono Telephone plug
3.5 mm or 6.25 mm Stereo Telephone plug
3b1/7300 Video
5 1/4 inch floppy
64NET cable
8-Inch floppy Disk
9 to 15 pin VGA cable
A1000 to Amiga Parallel adapter
AAUI to AUI cable
Ablerex Troy 600 UPS cable
Accesories for Radios SM50-GM300
Acer GXD 250 cell phone
Acer iDEA 500 PSU connector
Acer N30, N35, N310, N311, N50
ActionMedia 2 Audio/Video Capture
Acura / Alpine CD changer
Adaptec RAIDport
ADB Apple Desktop Bus
ADC Pairgain 310F and 320F console
Adtran CSUs RJ45 to DB9 cable
AGP interface
Aiko 51G CDMA cell phones interface
Aiko 52G CDMA cell phones interface
Aiko 78G cell phone unlock
Airness cell phone cable
AK-Mobile cell phones cable connector
Alcatel 155, 156, 355 cell phones cable connector
Alcatel 311/511 (BF, BF3, BF4) cell phones cable connector
Alcatel 320 (XG1) cell phone
Alcatel 525 (BG3) cell phone
Alcatel 531 (XG3), OT-152 cell phones cable connector
Alcatel 715 (BF5) cell phone
Alcatel BE-1, BE-2, BE-3, BE-4, BE-5 cable
Alcatel BE1, BE2, BE3, BE4, DB, 30x, 50x, 70x (One Touch Easy DB, Club DB, MAX DB) cell phone
Alcatel BF 310, 311, 511 cable
Alcatel BG3 cable
Alcatel E-801 headset schematic
Alcatel HC600/800/1000 cell phone
Alcatel HE1/HD1/HD2 cell phone
Alcatel One Touch 835 cell phone
Alcatel OT 535, 735, 756 (BH4) cell phone
Alcatel OT E101, E157, E158, E159, E160, E161, E207, E221, E252, E256, E257, E259 VLE cell phones port
Alcatel OT-E801 USB/audio connector pinout
Alcatel universal 5xx/7xx data-cable, flash-cable
Allied Telesyn/Network iQ1000 router serial port cable
Amiga 1000 Ramex
Amiga 1000 RF Modulator
Amiga 1000 RF monitor
Amiga 1200 CPU-port
Amiga 2000 Power Supply
Amiga 3000 Power Supply
Amiga 3000T Power Supply
Amiga 4 joysticks adapter
Amiga 500/600/1200 Power Supply
Amiga External Diskdrive
Amiga Mouse/Joy
Amiga to C1084 monitor cable
Amiga to SCART cable
Amiga video
Amiga Video Expansion
AmiNET 110 video out connector
Amstrad CPC6128 Diskdrive 2
Amstrad CPC6128 monitor
Amstrad CPC6128 Plus External Diskdrive
Amstrad CPC6128 Plus monitor
Amstrad CPC6128 Printer port
Amstrad CPC6128 Stereo
Amstrad CPC6128 Tape
Amstrad Digital joystick
Anycool D66+ china mobile
Anydata AML-100M
APC Back-UPS Office connector
APC BackUPS CS/ES smart signalling cable
APC BackUPS dumb cable (on-battery only)
APC BackUPS ES (old) cable wiring
APC BackUPS Office (old) cable
APC BackUPS Pro cable
APC BackUPS Pro PNP cable
APC BackUPS XS1000, BX-1000 and some others cable wiring
APC Dumb UPS cable (simple)
APC rack mount Smart-signalling DB9 cable
APC RJ12 serial cable
APC Smart UPS cable
APC Smart UPS interface port
APC USB cable schematic
Apple 14 pin video
Apple 300/1200 modem
Apple AudioVision
Apple AUI (AAUI)
Apple Communication Slot
Apple Digital Audio/Video (DAV)
Apple Digital video Application (DVA)
Apple Display Connector (ADC, Apple Digital) video
Apple Duo Dock
Apple Duo Dock modem adapter Card
Apple EtherTalk card
Apple GeoPort
Apple II slot
Apple II video Expansion
Apple IIc joystick
Apple IIc Serial Port
Apple IIc to Imagewriter II printer
Apple IIe I/O slot
Apple iMac video
Apple ImageWriter Serial
Apple iPhone headphone jack adapter
Apple iPod and iPhone (2g, 3g) Dock Interfaces
Apple iPod jack
Apple iPod Scion adaptor cable
Apple iPod Shuffle USB interface
Apple LaserWriter AppleTalk
Apple LaserWriter Serial
Apple MacBook power connector (MagSafe)
Apple Macintosh Classic Internal Power
Apple Macintosh External Drive
Apple Macintosh External Floppy disk drive
Apple Macintosh External video
Apple Macintosh II video
Apple Macintosh II Videocard
Apple Macintosh portable external video
Apple Macintosh portable Processor-Direct Slot (PPDS)
Apple Macintosh portable ROM Expansion
Apple Macintosh Processor-Direct Slot (PDS)
Apple Macintosh RS-422
Apple Macintosh Serial
Apple Macintosh XL Serial A
Apple Macintosh XL Serial B
Apple PowerBook ATA
Apple PowerBook SCSI
Apple S-Video Input
Apple S-Video Output
Apple serial NB card
Apple TiBook power connector
Apple video Mirror connector
Apple video/composite out
AppleLine RS232
Archos 605 USB cable
Archos, Aiptek, Gigabeat, Creative Zen, iPod Video, Cown iAudio, Apple iBook audio/video out connector
Ask Impression A6+, 960 projectors
Asus AV/S card connector
Asus MyPal A620 cable connector and USB cable
Asus MyPal A730, A716 connector and USB sync cable
AT Backup Battery
AT Keyboard (old style) PC
AT LED/Keylock
AT motherboard power supply
AT&T 53D410
AT&T 6300 Keyboard
AT&T 6300 Taxan, Philips CM8833 monitors
AT&T PC6300
ATA (44) internal
ATA (50) internal
ATA / IDE interface
ATA 50 to 40 pin (notebook CD-ROM)
Atari 2600 joystick
Atari 5200 joystick
Atari 5200,7800 Expansion
Atari 7800 joystick
Atari Cartridge ports
Atari Enhanced joystick
Atari Falcon030 DSP port
Atari Falcon030 RGB/VGA
Atari Floppy port
Atari Jaguar A/V
Atari MEGA ST(e)/TT keyboard
Atari Mouse/Joy connector
ATARI Serial Input/Output (SIO)
Atari ST monitor
Atari-style joystick to PC joystick adapter
ATEN KVM cable
ATI All-In-Wonder input from S-Video / composite Video / Audio cable
ATI All-In-Wonder to S-Video / composite Video / Audio cable
ATI LE5 plug and cables
ATI Radeon 10 pin VID OUT connector
ATI Radeon 7 pin SVID/OUT connector
ATI Radeon 8 pin audio / video VID IN connector
ATI Radeon 9 pin VID IN connector
ATX Optional power connector
ATX (ATX12V) 24 pin power supply connector
ATX / BTX +12V power connector
ATX Aux power connector
ATX Form Factor card
ATX power supply connector
Audi 4 pin diagnostic interace
Audi OBD-II diagnostic interface pinout
Audio/Video 4-pole jack connector for camcorders and some other devices
Audiovox 8200, 8500, 8600 cell phones cable connector
Audiovox 135, 610, PCX-1100 cell phones cable connector
Audiovox 609 cell phone
Audiovox 748 cell phone
Audiovox 9100 cell phone connector
Audiovox GDX250 cable connector
Audiovox PPC6600, VX6600, PPC5050BM usb cable
AUI connector
Avocent / Cybex / BlackBox XPSI and KV1609C serial control cards RJ45
Azalia Digital Header (ADH)
Baytech RPC-3 to DB9 serial port adapter
Belkin F6H500 UPS cable
Belkin OmniView MATRIX2 Series KVM Switch (F1DM208T, F1DM216T)
Benefon TDP-40
Benq A38, A500, C71A, CF61, CL71, E61, EF61, M100, M220, M300, M305, M315, M350, M580, O2X1i, O2X1b, O2XLI, O2X2i, O2X3, S700, S88 cell phones interface connector
Benq O2X4, S80, S82 cell phones interface connector
Benq O2X7 cell phone interface connector
BenQ S660C Ripcurl, P30
Benq-Siemens AF51, A31 cell phones cable connector
Benq-Siemens EF81 cell phones cable connector
Betamax VCR Charger
Black Box Servselect KVM switch cable
Blackberry pearl 8100 audio
BMW OBD II vehicle diagnostic connector
BMW OBD-II diagnostic interface
BMW old 15 pin diagnostic interface connector
Bosch 509, 5xx-7xx cell phones cable connector
Bosch 909 Dual, 9xx cell phone
Bose Mobile On-Ear Headset
Bruce GSM
BTX motherboard power supply
Buell ECM connector
C-bus II
C128 Expansion Bus
C128 Power Supply
C128 RGBI connector
C128/C64C to CBM 1902A monitor cable
C128/C64C to SCART (S-Video) cable
C128/C64C video
C16/+4 Expansion Bus
C16/C116/+4 Audio/Video
C16/C116/+4 Cassette
C16/C116/+4 joystick
C64 Audio/Video
C64 Cartridge Expansion
C64 Cassette
C64 Centronics Printer cable
C64 Control port
C64 RS232 User port
C64 Serial I/O
C65 video
Cable for ROBOTRON 6329.02
Canon DSLR 300D computer manual shooter control serial cable
Capture J6111 cell phone port
Casio calculator cable
Casio Cassiopeia A-10/11 A-20/21/22 port
Casio Cassiopeia E-125, BE-300, EG-800, EM500 cradle connector
Casio COMM port
Cassette TI-99/4a
CBM 1902A connector
CD32 Expansion-port
CDTV Diagnostic Slot
CDTV Expansion Slot
CDTV Memory Card
CDTV Video Slot
Cell phone headset connector
Centronics printer
Centronics to LapLink adapter
Chatterbox Mono Headset
Chatterbox Noise Reducing Stereo Headset (FRS X2 and GMRS X1)
Chineese d600 cell phone
Chinese CECT 5560 cell phone (18 pin connector)
Chinese Cect M1818 cell phone (7x2 14 pin connector)
Chinese Cect N1818, M901 cell phones (6x2 12 pin connector)
Chinese Cect S560, P3711, Q618; Nokia N73, N83, N95, N730 cell phones (6x2 12 pin connector)
Chinese CECT T520 interface (18 pin connector)
Chinese CECT T689 (18 pin connector)
Chinese Cect T689, Nokia N99 cell phones (12 pin connector)
Chinese Cect v180 cell phone (18 pin connector)
Chinese CECT Y809 cell phone
Chinese Cect-K86, 2GSM-2sim, Nokia 5300, 3250, 6280 slider cell phones (18 pin connector)
Chinese Cect-N1000, Vertu-8088, Veptu-8088, Narnia-8088 cell phones (8 pin connector)
Chinese Cect-U8800, Sony-Ericsson K800, Nokia 6700 cell phones (18 pin connector)
Chinese Cect-V6, Vertu, Veptu cell phones (6x2 12 pin connector)
Chinese Feel 880 cell phone (18 pin connector)
Chinese GStar G2, GM208, GM238, GM308, GM508, GM608; Nokia 8800i; Samsung E760, E730C cell phones (6x2 12 pin connector)
Chinese GStar GM128, Samsung E730+ cell phones (24 pin connector)
Chinese GStar GM209 mobile phone (7x2 14 pin connector)
Chinese GStar GM328, Samsung D900 cell phones (6x2 12 pin connector)
Chinese LG, I-mobile phones unlock and flash (5 pin)
Chinese Motorola A1200, Cect C600 cell phone (8 pin connector)
Chinese MP4-K18-PDA, ZT6618-PDA-2sim, TCL M580 cell phones (8 pin connector)
Chinese Nokia 8030 cell phone (18 pin connector)
Chinese Nokia N180 2 SIM connector
Chinese Nokia N70C cell phone (18 pin connector)
Chinese Nokia N95 (T99) 2 sim, Nokia N95s, N95-PDA, CectP168 (10 pin 5x2 connector)
Chinese Nokia N96i cell phone (10 pin 5x2 connector)
Chinese Nokia-8800+,N73,N73C,N73C-2sim,N73G,N75,N91,6228-PDA; Tecno-M280; Everfo-E591,E713D,E730; Noca T856-W88; Sony-Ericsson K790i,P990i; Cect-O2R,Q610,V668,S500-O2S,3360; Pocket PC 1688-2sim; Leady-X501; G-net G409 cell phones (8 pin connector)
Chinese Samsung D820, Nokia N88, Cect C600, Camry V138 cell phones (12 pin connector)
Chinese Samsung X810+, D500i, D600i, Nokia N92 cell phones (18 pin connector)
Chinese ZT6618 cell phone (10 pin 5x2 connector)
Cisco 1600 series router power supply
Cisco Asynchronous-Line RJ45 to 68Pin SCSI cable
Cisco Auxiliary port for Cisco 1000, 1600, 2500, 2600, and 3600 series routers
Cisco Console (25) cable
Cisco Console (9) cable
Cisco Console port (at Catalyst 5000 Series Switch)
Cisco console port for Cisco 1000, 1600, 2500, 2600, And 3600 series routers
Cisco console port for Cisco 700 series routers
Cisco DB-60 to DB-60
Cisco EIA/TIA-232 (RS-232) DCE cable
Cisco EIA/TIA-232 (RS-232) DTE cable
Cisco EIA/TIA-449 (RS-449) DCE (DB60 to DB37) cable
Cisco EIA/TIA-449 (RS-449) DTE (DB-60 to DB-37) cable
Cisco EIA/TIA-530 DTE cable (DB60 to DB25) cable
Cisco PIX/5500/6500 console cable
Cisco RJ45 RollOver cable
Cisco RJ45 to DB25 adapter
Cisco Token Ring port
Cisco V.35 DCE cable
Cisco V.35 DTE cable
Cisco X.21 DCE cable (DB-60 to DB-15)
Cisco X.21 DTE cable (DB-60 to DB-15)
Citizen printers RS-232 DB9F -DB25M cable
Cobalt Flux DDR Pad
CoCo Cassette
CoCo Serial Printer
Commodore 1084, 1084S (Analog) connector
Commodore 1084, 1084S (Digital) connector
Commodore 1084d, 1084dS connector
Commodore 1531 Datasette
Commodore 64 / 128 User I/O
Commodore datasette
Commodore PET Parallel User port
Commodore Vic 20 video
CommodoreVic 20 Memory Expansion
Communication and Networking Riser (CNR)
CompactFlash (CF) bus connector
CompactPCI bus
Compaq 24 pin power connector
Compaq 810, 810e, 820 chipset motherboard power connector
Compaq Aero 1500
Compaq BX chipset motherboard power connector
Compaq Deskpro EP, EN and some servers power supply
Compaq PDP Power Supply Conector for PDP117P a.o.
Compaq Rack server power supply
Conrad Electronics MM3610D
Conrad Electronics MM3610D cable
Console cable for NetServer8/16
Corecess ADSL DSLAM DX6524 console cable
CoStar/DYMO LabelWriter RS-232 Cable
Cowon D2 EXT plug
COWON Q5W, Q5, P5 IO Connector
Creative LINE_IN or AUDIO_IN, CD_IN internal
Creative 2.1 pc speakers set T3100
Creative SCP0501000P MP3 player charger
Creative Sound Blaster 1394 internal
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS and X-Fi AD_EXT pinout
Creative Sound Blaster AUD_EXT
Creative Sound Blaster internal i2s input
Creative Sound Blaster MIDI / joystick internal
Creative Zen Vision:M dock
CSU/DSU Network, T1, Fractional T1, T3 line RJ-48
CyberBell cell phones cable connector
Cyclades cabling diagrams
D-Link DPS-500DC RPSU power connector
D-link KVM-121 cable
Daewoo 12 pin diagnostic interface
Daewoo OBD-II diagnostic interface
Dakota digital camera USB
Dancall 27xx cellular phones port
Dataproducts D-Sub 50 Parallel
Dataproducts M/50 Parallel
DBTel J6 cell phone connector
DDR SDRAM DIMM (184 pin, Unbuffered)
DDR2 DIMM Unbuffered Module (240 pin)
DEC mouse and digitizer
DEC DLV11-J Serial
DEC Dual RS-232
DEC Printer
DELL ATX Aux Power Supply
DELL ATX motherboard Power Supply
Dell Axim X3, X30 interface port
Dell Axim X5 interface port and USB cable
Dell Axim X50 USB Sync and charging cable
Dell Dimension 2350, 2400 internal USB & Speaker
Dell Dimension 8100 (and may be others) power connectors
DELL Dimension 9200 Fan
Dell GX270 SER2 motherboard connector
DELL Inspiron 1720
Dell Inspiron/Latitude TV/Digital Audio Output
Dell Latitude VGA video connector
Dell PowerEdge 1855/1955 DRAC/MC console cable
Dell PowerEdge 2300 internal USB connector
DFP-compliant MDR-20
Digital cameras (AGFA, Olympus) to PC (COM) cable
Digital cameras with mini-usb connector
Digital Flat Panel (DFP)
DIN Audio
DIN to Mini-DIN Keyboard adapter
Dirland E307 cell phone
Display 32VTC201 (MC6113.01)
DMX (DMX512)
Dragon cell phones port
DRAM DIMM (168 pin, Unbuffered)
DSC PC-Link Connector
DVI (Digital Visual Interface)
Dvico Fusion HDTV DVB-T DualDigital input cable
E-MU 0404 Analog In/Out
ECP Parallel LPT port (IEEE-1284A)
EIA/TIA-562 serial interface
EIA/TIA-694 serial interface
EISA bus
El Pina / M-Compa / M571 main board 8-pin mini-din PS/2 port
Enhanced mini-USB connector
Enhanced video connector (EVC)
Enol e400s charging
Enteos i-BD620 cell phone
Epson Serial/RS-232 Cable DB9 to DB25
Ericsson 6xx, 7xx, A1018s, 888, T10s, T18s data cable schematic
Ericsson 218, 318, 337, 388 cable
Ericsson 218/337/318/388 cell phones cable connector
Ericsson and some Sony Ericsson universal data and service cables schematic
Ericsson handsfree HPB-20 schematic
Ericsson MC16 Palmtop computer data cable
Ericsson T10S, T18S, A1018S, 628, 688, 788 cell phones cable connector
Escort Solo S2 / Passport Radar Detector
ESDI cable
Ethernet 10 / 100 Mbit (cat 5) network cable wiring
Ethernet 10/100Base-T ( RJ-45) connector
Ethernet 1000Base-T (Gigabit ethernet)
Ethernet 100Base-T4
Ethernet 100Base-T4 crossover cable
Ethernet 10Base-T crossover cable
Ethernet 1Gb crossover cable
Ethernet AUI to AUI cable
Extensa 600/600 CD external FDD
External Infrared Transceiver connector
Ezio E300 cellular phone cable connector
EZIO E808 cell phone
Fiat OBD II diagnostic interface
FireWire (IEEE1394) bus interface
Fiskars PowerRite UPS port
Floppy cable
Floppy Diskdrive
Fly B700 cell phone connector
Fly-Bird 288, 299, 688, 788 cell phones cable connector
FLY-Bird cable
Fly-Bird MP300 cell phone cable connector
Fly-Bird MP500 cell phone cable connector
Fly-Bird S1180, V09, V10 cell phones connector
Fly-Bird S570 connector
Fly-Bird V25 cell phone interface
Fly-Bird V30 cell phone interface connector
Fly-Bird V40, SX-300, SL100, SL200, SL400m, Lenovo E300, E307, P708 cell phones interface connector
Fly-Bird Z200, Z300, Z300a, Z400, X3, X7 cell phones connector
Ford 3 or 5 pins diagnostic connector
Ford and Mazda old diagnostic Mazda MECS connector
Ford OBD-II diagnostic interface
Ford old diagnostic connector
Fortuna GPS Receiver U2
Four Pole Neutrik Speakon connector
Fujitsu lifebook s-video minijack to RCA composite out
Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX 620
Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX N520, 720
Game Boy Cartridge
Gamecube Memory Card
Garmin Foretrex 101,201, Forerunner 101,201 to Serial DB9 cable schematic
Garmin GPS 13 pin
Garmin GPS 45, 12 XL, GPS II, III, V, 72, 76, 92, 176, 176c, 196, 295, StreetPilot III (round connector)
Garmin GPS 6 pin
Garmin GPS 7 pin
Garmin GPS eTrex, eMap, Geko connector
Garmin Nuvi GPS Power Connector
Geha old Beamer/ Projector Top Vision
General Motors (GM) OBD II diagnostic interface
Geo G1, GV880 cell phones connector
Geo GV500 cell phones connector
GEOCable cable
GNS GPS RJ11 Connector
GPS devices with standard mini-usb interface
Gradiente GF760 cell phone
Grandtec Ultimate Grand 2000 VGA
GSM all-in-one (GSM box by Pepe) schematic
GSM all-in-one (MegaAdy GSM unlock box) schematic
GSM all-in-one (Unibox) cable
GSM Modem Maestro 20/100
Gyro Point II Base station PS/2 Cable schematic
Handheld Buzzer For Buzz Pro2 from Edstrom Electronics
Handspring Visor Deluxe interface connector
Handspring Visorphone battery
HDMI to DVI cable scheme
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Type A, Type B connector
Holux GPS GM210 connector
HOLUX GPSlim236 Bluetooth GPS Receiver
Holux M1000 GPS
Honda (2003-2004) In-Dash Sound System Connector
Honda cn2\cn3 datalogging connector for obd0\obd1 ecu
Honda OBD II diagnostic interface
Honda old 3+2 pin diagnostic connector
HP 12/13 pin power supply connector for Vectra VL 5 minitower P-120 etc.
HP 200lx serial port
HP 4S Scanner
HP E-PC 40 power connector
HP HHP PC Link Cable F1258A equivalent
HP iPAQ 200, 210, 211, 212, 214 docking connector
HP iPAQ h1910,h1915,h1920,h1930,h1935,h1937,h1945, h2200,h2210,h2215,h3800,h3900, h4150,h4155, h4300,h4350,h4355, h5100,h5155,h5400,h5500,h5450,h5455,h5500,h5550,h5 555, h6315,h6340,h6340,h6365, hw6510,hw6515,hx2000,hx2100,hx2400,hx2700,hx4700,h x4705
HP iPAQ Pocket PC 31/36xx/37xx
HP Jornada 520, 525 interface connector
HP Jornada 540, 545, 548, 560, 565, 567, 568, 928 interface port
HP Power
HP PowerWise L600/L900/L1250 UPS interface
HP printer serial cable
HP Workstation PSU
HP48/HP95 calculator
HTC ExtUSB headset
Huawei ETS 668 678 688 cell phones cable connector
Huawei ETS388, Synertek S200 mobiles
Huawei C506, C5320, C2205, C2285 cdma cell phones cable connector
Huawei T128 & T201
Hyundai 600 (AUDIOVOX CDM-100) cell phones
Hyundai 600, GX-100c cell phones cable connector
Hyundai car diagnostic connector
Hyundai H350 cell phone
Hyundai MP718, MP728, MP738 cell phones cable connector
Hyundai OBD II diagnostic interface
Hyunwon power or data cable
I-Mobile 305 cellular phone interface port
I-Mobile 308, 508, 603, 901 cellular phones cable connector
I-Mobile 309 cellular phone cable connector
I-Mobile 502, 502i, 505, 802 cellular phones cable connector
I-Mobile 503, J101, J102 cellular phones cable connector
I-Mobile 506, 600, 605 cellular phones cable connector
I-Mobile 509 cellular phone cable connector
I-Mobile 510, 609, 609i cellular phones cable connector
I-Mobile 607, 608 cellular phones cable connector
IBM PowerPC video
IBM ThinkPad Battery
IDE cable
IDE Internal (old)
IDE to CompactFlash (CF) adapter schematic
IEEE-488 (HP-IB, GPIB) bus
IndustrialPCI bus
Inno 55, 90, 99 cell phones connector
Intel 100FX, express router 9100 switches console cable
Invertomatic-Victron (IMV) UPS intelligent (serial communication) cable
iRiver h10 data cable
Iriver S10, B20, E10, E100, U10, Clix(1st Gen Only), Canyon CNS-MP1G usb cable
Iriver s7 USB cable
ISA bus
Isuzu OBD II diagnostic interface
ITU-TSS V.35 interface
ITU-TSS X.21 interface
JTAG Header for FPGA/CPLD Applications (Comcom Electronics Standard)
JVC VTR (Video tape Recorder) DB15M
Kensington Expert Mouse serial cable
Kenwood CD changer
Kenwood Head Unit Auxilliary Input (CA-C1AUX)
Keyboard (5 Amiga)
Keyboard (6 Amiga)
Keyboard (Amiga CD32)
Keyboard (XT)
Keyboard PS/2
Kia 20 pin diagnostic connector
Kia OBD II diagnostic connector
KN-Mobile KN200, KN310, KN400, KN500 cell phones connector
Kodak camera serial cable
Kodak Easyshare camera dock
Kodak Easyshare CX7330 a/v connector
Konka A26m cell phones cable connector
Konka C926 cell phones cable connector
Kyocera 2035, 2235, 2255 cell phones
Kyocera Blade KE424C, KX424, Phantom K454L, K454LC, K454N, K454NC, KE413, KE413C, KE414, KE414C, KX414 cell phones cable connector
Kyocera K112, ZTE 133 cellular phones cable connector
Kyocera SE-47 cell phone
LapLink serial cables
LapLink/InterLink Parallel cable
Leadtek TV-OUT (6 pin)
Lenovo 688 "Hello Kitty" (MTK MT6223 Dual-SIM)
LG 18 pin 510, B1300, G1500, W3000, G3100, G5200, G5220c, G5300, G5310, G5400, G7100, G7070, G7120 cell phones cable connector
LG 18 pin CDMA cell phones cable connector
LG 24 pin C1100, C1200, C1300, C1400, C1500, F2100, F9100, G1600, G5500, G5600, G7000, G7020, G7030, G7050, KG120, KG210, KG220, KG225, KG320, L1100, L1200, L1400, lx5450, lx5550, T5100, vi5225, vx4500, vx4600, vx6000 , 4010, 4011, 4050, 8080 cell phones cable connector
LG 300, 330W, 800 cell phones cable connector
LG 3000, 510, 5xx cable schematic
LG 3000, 5xxx, 7100 data/flash cable schematic
LG 500, 600, 601 cell phones cable connector
LG 81xx flash/unlock cable
LG B1200 cell phone
LG cell phones headset
LG Chocolate, Shine, VX8500, KG800, KG90, KU800, KE500 cell phones cable connector
LG DK-20G original схема кабеля
LG GB220, GC900 (Viewty Smart), KC550 (Orsay), KC780, KC910i (Renoir Refresh), KC910 (Renoir), KE850 (Prada), KE970 (Shine), KF300, KF310, KF510, KF600 (Venus), KF700, KF750 (Secret), KF757 (Secret), KF900 (Prada2), KG800, KM380, KM900 (Arena), KP170, KP230, KP500 (Cookie), KP501 (Cookie), KS360, KS500, KT520, KT610, U990i (Viewty Lite), U990 (Viewty) cell phones cable connector
LG headset 12 pin conector
LG KF240,KF245,KF300 unlock/flash cable
LG KG200,KG300 cell phones unlock
LG original ( LG DK-15G) data-cable
LG U300, U500, U880, U890, U900, U8110, U8120, U8130, U8138, U8150, U8180, U8200, U8210, U8290, U8330, U8360, U8380, U8500, U8550, CU400, CU405, L1100 cell phones cable connector
LG VX/LX 4400
Liebert ap 200 db 25 connector
Liebert UPStation-GXT interface
Linker DTE 25 pin Serial cable
LiveView FlyDVB-T input connector
Logitech x-530 audio Connector
Logitech x-530 Front Right Connector
Lowrance AirMap 100, GlobalMap 100, GlobalNav 12, GlobalNav 200, GlobalNav 212
Lowrance AirMap, AirMap 300, GlobalMap 12, GlobalMap Sport
Lowrance GlobalMap 1600, LMS-160 Map Data
Lowrance GlobalMap 2400, 3000MT, 4000, 5300C iGPS, 6500C, 7000C, 7200C, 8200C, Baja, Baja 480C, Baja 540C, Baja 840C; Lowrance LCX-104C, LCX-18C, LCX-16CI, LCX-15MT, LCX-17M, LCX-20C, LCX-25C, X 98 DF, LCX-27C, LCX-37C, LCX-112C, LCX-113C HD
Lowrance GlobalMap 2400, 3000MT, 4000, 5300C iGPS, 6500C, 7000C, 7200C, 8200C, Baja, Baja 480C, Baja 540C, Baja 840C; Lowrance LCX-104C, LCX-18C, LCX-16CI, LCX-15MT, LCX-17M, LCX-20C, LCX-25C, X 98 DF, LCX-27C, LCX-37C, LCX-112C, LCX-113C HD
Lowrance GlobalMap 2400, 3000MT, 4000, 7000C; Lowrance LCX-104C, LCX-18C, LCX-16CI, LCX-15MT GPS connector
Lowrance GlobalMap 6500C, Baja 480C, GlobalMap Baja; Lowrance LCX-17M, LCX-20C, LCX-25C network connector
Lowrance GlobalNav 310
Lowrance iFinder cable
LS 2208 Scaner to PS/2 connector
LSC CodeLink cable
M571 motherboard ps/2 mouse pinout
M755 Audio Ports and Game/MIDI Port
Mac LC/II/III/III+/475 Quadra 605 Performa 475/476 power supply
Mac to C64 Nullmodem cable
Mac to HP48 cable
Macintosh Keyboard
Macintosh modem (With DTR) cable
Macintosh modem (Without DTR) cable
Macintosh Mouse
Macintosh Video to VGA adapter
Magellan 315 GPS - PC 9 pin serial cable
Magellan Meridian GPS
Magellan SportTrak (Map) Serial
Martin Lightjockey DMX card
Matrox G450 eTV S-video/composite
Matrox G450 & G550 TV Out to s-video adapter
Matrox QID Series LFH-60 to SCARTs cable
Maxon 7922, 7970 and other Mx-79xx, O2X1 cell phones cable connector
Maxon epsilon europe gd720 cell phone
Maxon IM-100
Maxon Mx-78xx cell phones cable connector
Maxon Sewon SG-1000 cell phones cable connector
Maxon SL100 / SP200 headset
Maxon SP-300 Series connector
Mazda OBD II diagnostic interface
MC-10 Cassette Port
MC-10 Serial port
MCA 16 bit bus
MCA 32 bit bus
MDA (Hercules)
Media Independent Interface (MII)
Medion, Yakumo, Mitac MIO 168 PDA
Megatech M2501 and M2603 UPS cables Types I, II
Memory stick (MS) card
Mercedes 38 pin diagnostic connector
Mercedes 8 pin old diagnostic connector
Mercedes OBD II diagnostic connector
Mercedes old 16 pin diagnostic connector
Mercedes old 9 pin diagnostic connector
MGE UPS Comet 10
Microsoft Zune connector
MIDI cable schematic
Mini PCI bus
Mini-DIN to DIN Keyboard adapter
Mini-DVI connector
mini-USB connector
Mini-USB connector of cell phones
Mini-USB of Blackberry 6210, 6220, 6230, 6280, 6510, 7100(g, i, r, t, v, x, t), 7130(e, c, g), 7210, 7230, 7250, 7270, 7280, 7290, 7510, 7520, 8700(c, f, g, r, v); Creative Zen Micro, Zen Micro Photo, Zen Neeon and other PDA devices
Mini-VGA connector
Miniature Card
miniDIN to DIN adapter for Creative LivedriveII MIDI IN and MIDI OUT
Minuteman UPS
Mitac Mio 168 USB cable
Mitsubishi Aria, ARIA@ cell phones cable connector
Mitsubishi Astral, Galaxy, Geo, GeO@ cell phones cable connector
Mitsubishi Mars, Neptune cell phones cable connector
Mitsubishi Aria unlock cable
Mitsubishi Cosmo, Cosmo@ cell phones cable connector
Mitsubishi diagnostic double connector
Mitsubishi M330, M320, M341i cell phones cable connector
Mitsubishi Mars unlock/flashing cables
Mitsubishi OBD-II diagnostic connector
Mitsubishi old 12 pin diagnostic connector
Mitsubishi Trium Astral/Galaxy/Neo unlock/flashing cables
Mitsumi CD-ROM
MMI audio/video cable
MMI audio/video cable
Modem cables
Monochrome TTL video
Motherboard CPU Cooling fan connector
Motherboard PWM Fan Connector
Motorola E365, E360
Motorola (CDMA) cell phones cable connector
Motorola 182c cell phones cable connector
Motorola 5200, 7200, 7500 cell phones cable connector
Motorola 6200/8200/8400/8700 cell phones cable connector
Motorola A1200, C260, C266, C330, C331g, C332, C333g, C336, C350, C359, C650, C375, C380, C381, C450, C550, C650, E375, E380, L6, L7, MotoRazr MAXX, RAZR V3, V3x, PEBL U6, V150, V180, V188, V220, V226, V325, V360, V8 mini-USB
Motorola A630,A835,A845,A1000, i205,i305,i530,i830,i860,i710,i730,i733,i736,i836, i930, V120,V265,V262,V260,V276,V300,V400,V500,V505,V551, V525,V545,V547, V550,V600,V620,v60t,V60,V60i,V60p,V60s,V66,V70,V71 0,V800,V80,V950,V980,V975,V1050 cell phones cable connector
Motorola C115, T190, T191, Panasonic A500/X200/X400 cell phones cable connector
Motorola D520, M3x88 cell phones cable connector
Motorola F3 cable connector
Motorola FRS radio headset connector
Motorola headset
Motorola i830 and other IDEN phones headset
Motorola Radius
Motorola RAZR, RIZR, Z8 mini-USB Charger
Motorola sim card emulator
Motorola Symbol CS1504 barcode scanner jack
Motorola T180, V2288, T2288 cell phones cable connector
Motorola T192 cell phone
Motorola T200, T205, T2688 cell phones cable connector
Motorola V3688, Timeport, StarTac cell phones cable connector
Motorola v680 (CDMA) cable connector
Motorola V860 cell phone
Mouse (PS/2)
MPIO FL300 MP3 usb interface
MSX Cassette
MSX Expansion
MSX External Diskdrive
MSX joystick
MSX Parallel
MultiMedia Card (MMC)
Naviflash GPS
Navigon 7100, 7110, 5100, 5110 chargers
Navigon GPS 7100, 7110, 5100, 5110 TMC/RDS and Audio Connection
Navigon MGPS Connector
Navigon MGPS GPS T-Box
NaviLock GPS connector
NCR serial powered port
NEC 121, 343, N343i cell phones cable connector
NEC 4000 cell phones
Nec 412i, 949, L1 cell phones cable connector
NEC 606, 808 cell phones cable connector
NEC E122 cell phone cable connector
NEC e313, e525, N8, N8i, e606, e616, e616v, e808, n341i, e228, 338 cell phones cable connector
NEC N21, N21i, N22, N22i, N223i cell phones cable connector
NEC N342i cell phone
NEC N610 cell phone
NEC P3 cell phones
Nellcor Pulse Oximeter Probe
Neo Geo CD Power Connector
NeoGeo Audio/Video
NeoGeo Joystick
NeoGeo to SCART cable
NES Light Gun
NetApp filer head serial console cable
Neuhaus SmartLine/Fenton PowerPal interface
Newgen 8150, 8210, 8290, 8260, C1200, C620 cell phones cable connector
NeXT Color video
Nextel USB data cable
Nexx MP3 usb interface cable
Nikon Coolpix USB + serial dual connector pinout
Nintendo N64 power supply
Nintendo N64 TurboVision Turbo Express TV Tuner
Nintendo N64 video
Nintendo NES and SNES joystick controller
Nintendo Wii Multi AV Connector
Nintendo Wii Nunchuk connector
Nissan 14 pin diagnostic interface
Nissan consult ECU port to PC serial cable wiring
Nissan OBD II diagnostic interface
Nokia M2-Bus universal cable
Nokia 1100, 1600, 2300, 2600, 2760, N-Gage cell phones internal
Nokia 1110, 6030, 6060 easy flash connector
Nokia 1255 interface connector
Nokia 16xx, 3110, 8110 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 2100, 3610, 5210, 8210, 8250, 8290, 8850, 8855, 8890 cell phones internal
Nokia 2110 cell phone
Nokia 2255 cable connector
Nokia 2270 cell phone internal
Nokia 2610 internal
Nokia 2650 cell phone internal
Nokia 3100, 6100, 6108, 6235 cell phone
Nokia 3109, 3110, 3500, 5200, 5300 Xpress, 5510, 5700 Xpress, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6124, 6267, 6290, 6300i, 6300, 6301, 7390, 7500 Prism, E51, E90, N76, N800 Internet Tablet, N91, N91 8GB, N95, N95 8GB, N-Gage DKE-2 mini-USB cable
Nokia 3110/8110 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 3200, 6220, 6610i, 7210, 7250, 7250i
Nokia 3210 cell phone
Nokia 3220, 3320, 3360, 5140, 6170, 7260 cell phones internal
Nokia 3250 cell phone
Nokia 3300 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 3310, 3315, 3330, 3350, 3390, 3410, 5510 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 3320, 3360, 3560 TDMA cell phones cable connector
Nokia 3510, 3510i, 3530, 3590, 3595 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 3585, 3585i, 3586i, 3588i cell phones cable connector
Nokia 3600, 3650, 3660, 6360 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 5100, 5100a, 7200 cell phone
Nokia 5110, 5110i, 5130, 5190, 6110, 6130, 6150, 6185, 6190, 6210, 6250, 6310, 6310i, 7110 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 5300 cell phone cable connector
Nokia 5500, 6120c, 6270 cell phones internal connector
Nokia 6060 cellular phone internal connector
Nokia 6111 internal connector
Nokia 6230 cell phone
Nokia 6255,6101 cell phone
Nokia 6260 cell phone
Nokia 6280 internal connector
Nokia 6500, 6510, 8310 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 6500c, 7900 cell phone internal connector
Nokia 6555, N71, N73, N77, N93 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 6600 cell phone
Nokia 6610 Color LCD Connector
Nokia 6620 cell phone
Nokia 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 6650 cell phone
Nokia 6800, 6810 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 6820, 6822 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 7280 mobile cable connector
Nokia 7370, N95, N96 cell phones internal interface
Nokia 7380 cell phone cable connector
Nokia 7390 cell phone internal
Nokia 7500 cell phone internal connector
Nokia 7600 cell phone
Nokia 7610 cell phone
Nokia 7650 cell phone
Nokia 7710 cell phone
Nokia 8260 cell phone
Nokia 8270 internal interface connector
Nokia 8587 cell phone
Nokia 8600 (Luna) cell phone internal connector
Nokia 8800, 8800d, 8801 cell phones internal
Nokia 8810, 8830 cell phones cable connector
Nokia 8887 cell phone
Nokia 8910 cell phone
Nokia 9000, 9000i Communicator cell phones cable connector
Nokia 9110, 9110i, 9210, 9210i, 9290 Communicator cell phones cable connector
Nokia 9300 cell phone internal
Nokia 9500 cell phone
Nokia CA-27 data cable
Nokia combi M/FBus flash cable
Nokia E-65 cellular phone internal connector
Nokia E50, E60, N82, N90, N91, 5310, 6233, 6234 cell phones cable connector
Nokia E51, E61, E90, N81, N90 internal connector
Nokia E70, N70, N72, 6125, 6131 internal
Nokia FBus to MBus cable adapter
Nokia flasher cable schematic
Nokia headset / handsfree HDB-5 connector and schematics
Nokia M-Bus, Bosch C-Bus universal cable schematic
Nokia N-Gage QD cell phones internal
Nokia N60, N70, N90, N91, N93, E70, E61, E62, E60, E50, 3155i, 3230, 3300, 6155, 6170, 6230, 6230i, 6235, 6236i, 6255, 6256i, 6260, 6620, 6630, 6650, 6651, 6670, 6680, 6681, 7270, 7600, 7610, 7700, 7710, 9300, 9500 pop-port DKU-2 (CA-53?) usb cable schematic
Nokia N80 internal connector
Nokia n95, n95-8gb, n82 tv out cable
Nokia Pop-port
Nokia smartphone headset handsfree connector scheme
Nokia ST (Star Torrent) 2112, 2115, 2270, 2272, 2280, 2285, 3100, 3105, 3108, 3120, 3125, 3200, 3205, 3220, 3585, 3586, 3587, 3588, 3589i, 5100, 5140, 6011i, 6012, 6015, 6015i, 6016i, 6019i, 6020, 7210, 7360 pop-port LIKE-DKU-5 or CA-42 cable schematic
Novell and Procomp External SCSI
NuBus 90
Null modem cables
Nullmodem adapter
nVidia GeForce 7900 GT HDTV/component connector
Nvidia Geforce 9 pin Mini-DIN TV-out
Nvidia GeForce S-Video 9 pin to YPbPr (YCbCr), RGB or S-video
O2 Xda II , QTEK 2020, SPV M1000, Dopod 696 (all Himalaya) headphone / headset / handsfree
O2 Xda IIs, O2 Xda III, Dopod 700, I-mate PDA2k, T-Mobile MDA III, Orange SPV M2000, Qtek 9090, Siemens SX66 (Blue Angel) PDA cable connector
O2 Xda, Qtek 1010, 1020, Siemens SX56, T-Mobile MDA, Dopod 686 (all Wallaby) headphone / headset / handsfree
O2 Xda, Qtek 1010, 1020, Siemens SX56, T-Mobile MDA, Dopod 686 (all Wallaby); O2 Xda II, Qtek 2020, SPV M1000, Dopod 696 (all Himalaya); Audiovox PPC-6600, PPC-6601, VX6600; PDA cable connector
OBD II (VAG) vehicle diagnostic interface
OBD II to USB cable
OBD-2 ISO 14230-4 (ISO-9141-2, KWP2000) RS-232 cable schematic
OBD-2 ISO 9141-2 (14230-4, KWP2000) simple RS-232 cable schematic
OBD-2 ISO-9141-2 (ISO 14230-4, KWP2000) serial cables schematics
OBD-2 J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW RS-232 cables schematics
OBD-2 universal diagnostic cable scheme for ISO 15765-4 CAN, SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 and SAE J1939
Olympus C-2000 Zoom, C-2020 Zoom, C-2100, C-2500L, C-3000 Zoom, C-3030 Zoom, D-220L, D-320L, D-340L/R, D-360, D-400 Zoom, D-450 Zoom, D-460 Zoom, D-490, D-500L, D-600L, D-620L, D-830L Digital Cameras serial cable scheme
Olympus m:robe MR-100 USB / charge cable
Olympus USB cable
One GR1000, Onda N3000 cell phones cable connector
Opel 10 pin diagnostic connector
Opel OBD II diagnostic connector
Opel OBD II diagnostic interface
Palm Pilot cradle cable
Palm Pilot, Palm III, V, VII, VIIx, Handera cable connector
PalmOne Treo 600
PalmOne Treo 650, 700, 755p and Centro headset / handsfree diagram
PalmOne Treo 650, Treo 700w, 700p, 750v, Tungsten T5, E2, TX, 680, LifeDrive cable connector
PalmOne Treo headset schematic
PalmOne Tungsten C Headphone Jack with Microphone
PalmOne Tungsten T3, T, T2, C, W, Zire 71, m125, m130, m500, m505, m515, i705 connector
Panasonic GD35, GD52, GD92, GD93, GD75, GD95, GD96, GD67, GD87 data-cable, flash cable
Panasonic GD53, GD67, GD68, GD92, GD93, GD95, GD87, GD87e, GD88, GU87 cell phones cable connector
Panasonic P341i, X11, X70, X80, X88 cell phone
Panasonic CD-ROM connector
Panasonic G400-600 cell phones cable connector
Panasonic G50, G51, G70, A100, A101, A102, X300 cell phones cable connector
Panasonic G60, X100, X500 cell phone
Panasonic GD30, GD50, GD70, GD90 cell phones cable connector
Panasonic GD30, GD50, GD70, GD90, G450, G500, G520, G600 data-cable, flash cable schematic
Panasonic GD35 cell phone
Panasonic GD55 cell phone
Panasonic KX-T77xx Headset Mono pinout
Panasonic KX-TD1232 (DSHS) - PC cable
Panasonic VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, MX6, MX7, SA6 port
Panasonic VTR (Video tape Recorder) DB15M
Panasonic X60, X66, X200, X400 cell phones cable connector
Panasonic X700 usb cable
Panda/Wegner audio out for Nortek satelites receiver
Pantech C300, G300, G600, G700, G800, G900, GB100, GB200, GB300, GF200, GF500, PG1200, PG1400, PG1500, PG3000, PG3200, PG3500, PG3600, PG6100, PG8000 cell phones cable connector
Pantech GPRS, data cable schematic
Parallel (Amiga 1000)
Parallel (Amiga)
Parallel (Olivetti M10)
Parallel (SUN)
Parallel port Loopback (CheckIt)
Parallel port Loopback (Norton)
Parallel port Loopback for Norton/PassMark
ParaLoad cable
Paravision SX-1 External IDE
Paravision SX1 to IDE cable
ParNet Parallel cable
PathfindIR Thermal Imager Module (OEM or BMW NightVision)
PC 2 joysticks adapter
PC Card ATA bus
PC floppy power connector
PC Gameport (Joystick)
PC Gameport+MIDI
PC parallel LPT port
PC peripheral power connector
PC serial (25 pin)
PC serial port (RS-232 DE9)
PC Speaker connector
PC-Engine Cartridge
PC-MIDI interface adapter (MIDI cable) schematic
PC/104 bus
PCI bus
PCI Express 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x bus
PCMCIA (PC Card) bus
Peugeot 30 pin diagnostic conector
Peugeot OBD II diagnostic connector
Phase I Macintosh modem cable
Phase I PC modem cable
Phase II Macintosh modem cable
Phase II PC modem cable
Philips 350, 355, 650, 755, 855, 759 cell phone cable connector
Philips 362, 655, 659, 760 cell phones cable connector
Philips 530, 535 cell phones cable connector
Philips 630 cell phone
Philips 960 USB Data Cable
Philips Azalis-Fisio 12x-33x, SAVY, Fisio 6xx, OZEO, XENIUM cell phones cable connector
Philips cell phones universal serial cable schematic
Philips Genie cell phone
Philips Gogear mp3 player
Philips V2020/1/2/3 VCRs AV conector
Phillips Fizz/Spark cell phones cable connector
PlayStation 2 / 3 Special DSUB VGA Cable
Playstation Dual Force 2 controller
Plug and Display Analog/Digital (P&D-A/D, M1-DA)
Plug and Display Digital (P&D-D)
Portable devices with standard mini-usb interface
Power Mac L2 Cache connector
Power over Ethernet (POE)
PowerCom King UPS cable
Printer cable
Professional audio / entertainment devices 3 pin XLR connector
Professional audio / entertainment devices 4 pin XLR connector
Professional audio / entertainment devices 5 pin XLR connector
Professional audio / entertainment devices 6 pin DIN connector
Professional audio / entertainment devices 6 pin XLR connector
Professional audio devices: Y Adapter XLR to 2x Mono Jack (Stereo)
PS/2 Keyboard (Gateway) Y adapter
PS/2 Keyboard (IBM Thinkpad) Y adapter
PS/2 to Serial Mouse adapter
PS/2 Y Mouse and Keyboard adapter
PSC Magellan 2200VH bar code scanner cable
Psion Organiser II Top Slot (D)
Qtec PH10B to USB cable
QTEK 2020,8080 ,O2 XDAII, I-Mate - PowerUp
Qualcomm Q cell phone
Quallcomm 820 cell phones cable connector
Qumo MobyQuby USB to 3.5mm Jack (4 pins) datacharge cable
RAD console cable (25 pin)
RAD console cable (9 pin)
Radio Shack Digitraveler GPS
Razer Barracuda AC-1 Front Panel Audio Connector
Renault OBD II diagnostic connector
Renault old 12 pin diagnostic connector
Ricochet SE Macintosh modem cable
Ricochet SE PC modem cable
Ricochet SX Macintosh modem cable
Ricochet SX PC modem cable
Rino 110, 120, 130 GPS port
Ritmix RF-7000 MP3 player minijack USB connector
RJ connectors
RocketPort Serial (25) cable
RocketPort Serialport
Rover PC S1
Rover PC W5 connector
RS-232 (EIA-232) serial interface
RS-366 interface
RS-422 (9 pin)
RS-422 (EIA-422) serial interface
RS-422 ADAT sync cable
RS-423 (TIA/EIA-423-B) serial interface
RS-449 (EIA-449) interface
RS-449 (EIA-449) Secondary
RS-485 (EIA-485) serial interface
RS-530 (EIA530) interface
RS232 serial to USB converter cable schematic
RS232 to RS422 cable
RS232 to RS485 cable
RS232 to TTL serial cable
S-Video to Composite video adapter
S-Video to SCART cable
Saab OBD II diagnostic interface
SAE J1939 9 pin deutsch to DB9 Serial cable
SAE J1939, CAN-CIA standard interface
Sagem 918, 920, 926, 930, 932, 939, 940, 949, 959, 3000, 3020, 3026, 3036, 3040, 3052, 3062, 3078, MY-X1, MY-X2, MY-X3, MY-X3-2, MY-X5, MY-X5-2, MY-X5-m, MY-G5, MY-X6, MY-X7, MY-V65, MY-V75 cell phones cable connector
Sagem 612, 615, 715, 725 cell phones cable connector
Sagem cell phones cable
Sagem My-C2 cell phones cable connector
Samsung A100, A110 cell phones cable connector
Samsung A117, A127, A517, A737, A747, I617, M300 ,M305, M510 ,M520, R400, Hue R500 / SCH-R500, T409, T429, Beat T539, T639, Blast T729, T739, Juke SCH-U470, SGH-U700, Gleam / SCH-U700, Fin / Helio Fin / SPH-A513 cell phones connector
Samsung A200, A300, A400, A800, N200, N288, N600, N620, N628, R200, R210, S2200, T100, T108, T400 cell phones cable connector
Samsung A220, A310, A520, A530, A540, A565, A600, A610, A620, A630, A650, A660, A670, A680, A690, A790, A920, SCH-N181, N182, N195, N270, N356, N362, N370, VGA1000, VI660 cell phones usb
Samsung A300 flasher cable
Samsung C100 data/flash cable
Samsung C100, C110, P500, P510 cell phones cable connector
Samsung C140, C260 connector
Samsung C200, D100, D410, E100, E300, E310, E330, E400, E600, E610, E700, E710, E715, E800, E820, P100, P400, P408, P510, S200, S300, S500, X100, X105, X120, X140, X400, X450, X460, X600, X640, X900, X910, V200, V208 cell phones connector
Samsung C200N, C210, C300, D100, D410, E300, E310, E400, E600, E610, E710, E850, P100, P400, S200, S300, S300M, V200, X150, X160, X200, X210, X300, X400, X450, X480, X510, X520, X530 interface cable
Samsung D428, E620, E720, E810, P400, P408, P730, P735, S341i, S342i, S410i, Z130, Z140, Z300, Z500, ZV10, ZV30 cell phones cable connector
Samsung D500, D500e, D510, D600, E340, E350, E35e, E640, E648, E730, E728, E738, E750, E760, N356, X700, X800, T309 cell phones cable connector
Samsung D720 cell phone port
Samsung D820, T809 cable schematic
Samsung D880,D888,E210,E218, F250,F258, G600,G608, G800,G808,L760,L786,M610,M618,M510, M520,J610,J618,I610, F210,I640,A737,A517,T409,T429,T539, T639,T729,T739, U470,U900,L250,L258
Samsung E712D cell phone cable connector (8 pin connector)
Samsung E860, E860v, E770, S400i, X660, X800 cellular phones connector
Samsung E910 mobile phone port
Samsung Headset / Music
Samsung i700 cable connector
Samsung N191, N182 cell phones cable connector
Samsung R200, R201, R208, R210, R220, R225 flash and unlock cable
Samsung S100, S105, P777 cell phones cable connector
Samsung SCH N-356
Samsung SCH-200 cell phone
Samsung SCH-611, 900, 811, 470, 670, 750, SPH-A400 cell phones cable connector
Samsung SCH-8500 cell phone
Samsung SCH-A2000, SCH-A7500, SCH-A7600 cell phones cable connector
Samsung SCH-A530, SPH-A620 cell phones cable connector
Samsung SGH-600, 2100, 2200, 2400 cell phones cable connector
Samsung SGH-600, 2100, 2200, 2400, N100 cable schematic
Samsung SGH-E530 cell phone port
Samsung SGH-P207 cell phone usb
Samsung SGH-P777 cell phone
Samsung SGH200-288 schematic cable
Samsung SGH600/2100 cellular phones cable
Samsung SPH-I330 cell phone
Samsung SPH-N240, N400, A460, A500 cell phones cable connector
Samsung T100, T400, N600, N620, A800 data-cable, flash cable
Samsung X100, X108, X460, X600, X608, E100, E330, E610, E630, E700, E708, E820, S500, S508, T100 data-cable, flash cable
Samsung X600 data cable schematic
Samsung YP-F1 usb cable
Samsung Z100, Z105, Z105u, Z107, Z110 cell phones cable connector
Samsung Z130, Z140, Samsung Z300, Z500, Z500c, Z500v, Z700, ZM60, ZV10, ZV30, I300, I300x, I310 cell phones connector
Samsung Z310, Z320i cell phone
SanDisk Sansa interface
Sanyo 4500, 4700, 5500, 8100, 8200, 8300, 7400 cell phone
Sanyo 4900, 5300, 8100 cell phones
SCART (Peritel; Euroconnector)
Scart to RCA and S-Video adapter
SCART to S-Video cable
SCART to VGA converter cable scheme
SCSI All pinouts and some information
SCSI cable (Amiga/Mac)
SCSI cable (D-Sub to Hi D-Sub) Ultra SCSI Single-ended
SCSI Centronics 50 pin (Differential)
SCSI Centronics 50 pin (Single-ended)
SCSI External D-Sub (Future Domain)
SCSI External D-Sub (PC/Amiga/Apple Macintosh)
SCSI External IBM Burndy
SCSI Internal (2.5 inch)
SCSI Internal (Differential)
SCSI Internal (Single-ended)
SCSI-2 External Hi D-Sub (Differential)
SCSI-3 External Hi D-Sub (Differential)
SCSI-3 External Hi D-Sub (Differential)
SCSI-3 External Hi D-Sub (Single-ended)
SCSI-3 Low Voltage Differential/Single Ended (LVD/SE) external connector
SCSI-II external, Ultra SCSI (Single-ended)
SDRAM DIMM (168 pin, Unbuffered)
Seagate Pushbutton External Drive Power supply
Secure Digital (SD) card
Sega Dreamcast A/V
Sega Genesis 2/32X/Nomad A/V
Sega Genesis joystick controller
Sega Genesis/Master A/V
Sega Saturn A/V
SegaMaster System (SMS) and MegaDrive joystick
Selta programmer cable
Sendo M550 cell phone
Sendo S200 cell phone
Sendon UPS-500 dumb cable
Serial (Amiga 1000)
Serial (Amiga)
Serial (Female D9F) Loopback for PC-check
Serial (MSX)
Serial (Printer)
Serial (SGI MiniDIN)
Serial ATA (SATA)
Serial ATA (SATA) power connector
Serial dsub9 to dsub25 adapter schematic
Serial port Loopback (25 CheckIt)
Serial port Loopback (25 Norton)
Serial port Loopback (9 CheckIt)
Serial port Loopback (9 Norton)
Serial port Loopback for PassMark (9 pin)
Serial port Loopback for Passmark (25 pin )
Serial Printer (25-25) cable
Serial Printer (9-25) cable
Serial Printer (9-25) CITIZEN CBM 1000 II cable
Serial Printer (9-25) Epson cable
Serial Speedster
Serial to PS/2 Mouse adapter
SFX Optional Power
SFX Power Supply
SGI IndyCam Digital video port
SGI keyboard
SGI Mouse
SGI serial port
SGI StereoView (3 pin)
SGI video
Sharp GX1, GX10, GX10i, GX20, GX21, GX22 cell phones cable connector
Sharp GX15, GX30, GX30i, GX32, TM100 cell phones cable connector
Sharp TV / LCD / Projector RS-232C mini-DIN connector
Sharp V802 cell phone
SI Prefixes Table
Siemens A35, A36, A40, C25, C35, C45, M35, M35i, M50, ME45, MT50, S25, S35, S45, SL-42, SL45, 3118 cell phones cable connector
Siemens A52, A55, A56, A60, C55, C56, C60, C65, CF62, CT56, M55, MC60, MT55, S55, S56, S57, S65, SL5C, SL55, SL56, 1168, 2218, SX1 cell phones cable connector
Siemens C25, S25, C35, M35, S35, A35, A36, A40, C45, S45, ME45, SL42, SL45, S6, S8, C10, S10, S11, C30, S30, S40 data-cable, flash cable
Siemens C30, M30 cell phones cable connector
Siemens C62 cell phone
Siemens cell phones handsfree / headset / headphones scheme
Siemens CX75
Siemens DCA-510 cable scheme for A60, A62, A65, AL21, AX72, AX75, C55, C60, C65, C70, C72, C75, CF62, CF75, CFX65, CL75, CT65, CX65, CX70, CX75, M55, M65, M65Rescue, M75, MC60, ME75, S55, S65, S75, SF65, SK65, SL55, SL65, SL65-ESCADA, SL75, SP65
Siemens DCA-540 USB cable scheme for C65,CF65,CFX65,CT65,CX65,CXO65,CXT65,CXV65, CV65, M65,MC65,S65,SK65,SL65,SP65,C66,CT66,CX66,M66,S66, C70,CX70,CX70,CXT70,CXV70, C72,C75,CC75,CF75,CL75,CX75,M75,ME75,S75,SL75,SXG7 5, SX1 cell phones cable connector
Siemens S10 S11 S1088 cell phones cable connector
Siemens S40 cell phone
Siemens S6/8/C10 cell phones cable connector
Siemens SL-10 cell phone
Siemens ST55 cell phone
Sigma DIN VGA In
Simatic S7-200 PLC
SIMM (30 pin)
SIMM (72 pin)
SIMM with ECC (72 pin)
SKY 6200 and others cell phones cable connector
SKY IM-1xxx - IM-3xxx, 5000 cell phones cable connector
Slimline CD-ROM connector
Smart Card (Sim Card) interface
Smart card (Sim card) to PC adapter cable (sim reader/writer) schematic
SNES Cartridge
SNES Video
SNES2 video connector
SO DIMM (144 pin)
SO DIMM (72 pin)
Sony 14 pin
Sony AV multi out
Sony Betamax Multi-connector
Sony Cle 300, 320, 500 610, 700, 710, 760, 770 and others interface connector
Sony Clie PEG-T, NR, NX, SL, SJ, TG, TJ, TH55 series
Sony CMD 1000 cell phone
Sony CMD C1 cell phones cable connector
Sony CMD CD5, Z5, Z18 cell phones cable connector
Sony CMD J5, J6, J7, J70 cell phones cable connector
Sony DCR-PC110E A/V (jack 4pin to 3 RCA) cable
Sony DCRA-C171 docking station USB
Sony Ericsson R520, R310, R320, T28, T39, T68, T68i, R600, T610, T310 and others cell phones cable connector
Sony Ericsson DCU-60 usb cable schematic
Sony Ericsson DSS-25-like cable schematic
Sony Ericsson J100 cell phone interface
Sony Ericsson j220, j230 cell phones interface connector
Sony Ericsson K310, K510, K610, K750, K800, M600, P990, W300, W550, W700, W710, W800, W810, W850, W900, W950, V630, Z520, Z530, Z550, Z710 cell phones (new SonyEricsson Fast Port)
Sony Ericsson K600i and others handsfree
Sony Ericsson new cell phones service cable scheme
Sony J5 J6 J7 J7 J70 Z7 data-cable, flash-cable
Sony LANC cable
Sony LANC interface
Sony Playstation (PSX) joystick controller port
Sony RGB Multi Input
Sony VAIO, PCV, LX, X10
Sony VTR (Video tape Recorder) DB15F
SonyEricsson P800/P900/P910i headset / handsfree connector
Spectravideo SVI318/328 Audio/Video
Spectravideo SVI318/328 Cassette
Spectravideo SVI318/328 Expansion Bus
Spectravideo SVI318/328 Game Cartridge
Speedster modem cable
ST506/412 cable
Subaru OBD II diagnostic connector
Subaru old 9 pin diagnostic connector
Sun Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) connector
SUN Sparcstation 4, 5, 10, 20, LX, Classic, Classic X, Ultra Enterprise 450 Serial port
Sun Aux Power
SUN Internal Floppydrive
SUN Keyboard/Mouse
SUN Keyboard/Mouse Connector (old)
SUN Power
Sun Serial (DB25)
Sun Video
TA4 TA4F TA4M for EV Electro-Voice Beltpacks
TA4 TA4F TA4M for Shure Beltpacks
Tandberg and Sanako RJ12 headsets
Targa DataBox II 250 power connector
Tascam Standard for audio connections
TCL cell phone interface (10 pin 5x2 connector)
TCL Q515 cell phone
TCL V18 cell phone
TCL V6 cell phone
Telian cell phones cable connector
Terms and definitions
Texas Instruments calculators link cable
TG-16 Cartridge
Thomson SpeedTouch 605 Console Serial Port
Thomson TN710 cell phone cable connector
TI-99/4A Video/Audio
Token Ring RJ-45
TomTom wired GPS receiver cable connector
Toshiba DynaBook SS 3380 port replicator
Toshiba e310, e330, e335, e350, e740, e750, e755 cable connector
Toshiba e800/805
Toshiba G900 USB host cable adapter
Toshiba TS10 cell phone cable connector
Toshiba TS21i cell phone
Toyota 17 pin old diagnostic connector
Toyota old diagnostic connector
Toyota/Lexus OBD II diagnostic interface connector
Trimble 5700 Lemo port
Tripp-lite OmniPro 675 UPS
Tripp-lite OmniPro-450 (675) PowerAlert Cable
Tripp-lite OmniPro-450 (675) WinNT Cable
Tripp-lite SmartPro Cable
Turbo LED connector
TV tuner Kworld Global tv (7131) Input/Output cable
Two-Wire modem (25-25) cable
Two-Wire modem (9-25) cable
Unibox, Griffin, Multi-Box, Nokia Flasher, UFS, Tornado GSM universal boxes
Uniden BC245XLT scanner interface cable
Uniden BC246T/BR330T/BCD396T/BC346XT/BCD396XT/BCT15/BCD996T scanners interface cable
Uniden BC296D, BC250D scanners interface cable
UPS Neuhaus SmartLine-420, SmartLine-750
UPS YUNTO P Series (250/500/750/1250)
USB 2.0 Disk connector cable
USB cable schematic
USB motherboard internal connector
USB to PS/2 mouse or keyboard adapter
UT Starcom C1161 cell phone mini-usb connector
V.35 crossover cable
VAIO Notebook K13, K14 series Audio / Video
Vertex VX-1700 DATA Jack
VESA Feature
VESA LocalBus (VLB)
VESA-compliant P&D - EVC
VGA (9)
VGA to Macintosh video
VGA to SCART converter cable scheme
VHS Video Camera 10 pin
Via motherboard vga connector
ViaTEK myBOOM portable mini speaker
Victormaxx Stuntmaster
Video to TV SCART cable
ViewSonic Pocket PC V35 Foldable Keyboard connector
Viewsonic V35,V36,V37 cable connector
Virgin Lobster 485 cell phone
Virgin Lobster 544; Fly MP500, SL300m; Gradiente GF910, GF930, GF950, GF970, Vibe; Ezio ESL808; Elson ESL808 cell phones cable connector
Virgin Lobster 575 port
Virgin Micro Snapper cell phone
Vitel TSM3, TSM4, TSM5, TSM5m cell phones cable connector
Vitel TSM6 cell phone connector
Vitelcom CV330, VTL301 cellular phones cable connector
Vk 1100, 4000 cell phones cable connector
VK 2000, 2010, 2020 cell phones cable connector
VK 4500 cell phone connector
Vk Mobile VG207, VK207i, VK300, VK310, VK320, VK330, VK500, VK520, VK530, VK550, VK560, VK570, VK800, VK900 cell phones cable connector
VME64x bus
Volkswagen OBD II diagnostic connector
Volkswagen old 2+2 diagnostic connector
Volvo OBD II diagnostic connector
Volvo old diagnostic connector
Voxtel 3iD, RX11 cell phones cable connector
Voxtel cell phones cable connector
Voxtel SC10
Welch Allyn Scanteam 8300-4
White Console to PA-RISC computers cable
Winnov Videum AV capture card MXC port
Withus wce-100 cell phones cable connector
WTX 12V CPU (P3)
WTX 12V CPU (P4/P5)
WTX Additional (P2)
WTX motherboard power supply
X.21 DB25 to DB15
X1541 cable
Xbox power supply connector (internal)
xD picture card
Yaesu HR-100
Yaesu Vertex
Zonda G1840, G1860, G1880 cell phone connector
Zorro II
Zorro II/III
ZTE a12+, 203, 204, 231, a37, a80 cell phones cable connector
ZTE A35-139
ZTE C100 cell phone interface connector
ZTE C150, C220 cell phones interface connector
ZX Spectrum 128 RGB
ZX Spectrum AY-3-8912
Кабель ATI Radeon VGA to TV
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